Module 2

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the process through which data is collected, interpreted, and reported
  • Understand the difference between valid and invalid sources of scientific information
  • Determine fundamental approaches to scientific research in addressing questions related to the natural world

Module at a Glance

This is the recommended plan for completing the reading assignments and activities within the module. Additional information can be found in the module Reading and Resources section and in the task list.

  1. Review module resources.
  2. Complete the quiz on being objective.
  3. Answer the short answer questions on describing evidence.
  4. Submit Project 1: Topic Exploration Graphic Organizer.

Reading and Resources

Article: Observation Beyond Our Eyes
This article provides background on the different ways in which scientists gather information, and how this leads to developing new ideas.

Article: Time to Bring Pseudoscience into Science Class
Read this article, which provides some background on pseudoscience and also offers a list of qualities that can help you to determine whether or not information you see, hear, or read is likely to be valid or invalid.

Note: When you click on this article, it may redirect you to the Forbes home page. To locate this article, you may need to search for the article title in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page or manually copy and paste the following hyperlink into your browser: