You may use a template or design your own Memo Form: 


REQUIREMENT: You may use the word “I” twice in this memo, at a maximum. Indeed, you may be able to avoid it altogether. You should not start a paragraph with “I” when writing a memo. 



Positive News: Personal Employment

Information a Click Away (Objs. 1, 2)

Byrne & Company is scheduled to launch a personal

information website for employees on May 15 with all access-

related problems being handled by the Technology Help Desk.

This website will provide employees their payroll history

such as past pay stubs including deductions for benefits and

withholdings, personal leave information, detailed benefit

information such as insurance coverage and retirement plans,

etc. Access will be provided through a pre-assigned user

identification number and a password that must be changed

by May 30.


Required: As human resources director, prepare a memo

informing employees of the availability of the personal informal-

tion website. Describe the benefits employees can gain from the

availability of this online system, location on the company’s


intranet, and secure procedures for accessing information.

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