Measuring Leader Values and Evaluate Your Team Members



Discussions provide a forum for students to ask questions and answer important questions about the course material. The discussion questions also allow students to receive feedback from the instructor and other students in the class. Please address both of the following prompts.




    1.Values can be a rich source of leader effectiveness data. Most values and personality measures lack validity evidence. Most organizations consider financial performance the number on indicator of leader effectiveness, focusing solely on financial outcome. In your opinion, how valuable are financial outcomes in measuring effective leadership? Explain what should be measured? How should we interpret these measures to organizational goals?


    2.A team’s success is solely possible because the dedication and consistent hard work of its members. Therefore, the best quality indicators of any team are the values that its members adhere to.




This post is a word count of 300 (150 for each question minimum) using APA formatting, with in text citations, and references. Due on Sat.  April 4, 2015


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