Marketing Plan

  1. First, you will select ONE company or brand of interest to you (e.g., Nike, local
    coffee shop, LinkedIn) and identify a particular consumption area that the
    company/brand offers (e.g., product, service, or experience). For instance, Nike’s brand
    offering might be apparel and shoes for sports; a local coffee shop’s brand offering
    might be coffee or other types of drinks; LinkedIn’s brand offering might be service for
    social networking. These are just examples. You should be creative in choosing a
    company or a brand!
  2. Second, you will conduct research and analyze the effectiveness of the current
    marketing strategy (concerning 4Ps and services) with regard to this company/brand
    offering (e.g., product, service, or experience). Then, you will identify the
    company’s/brand’s target consumers and analyze advantages and disadvantages of the
    current marketing strategy with regard to reaching these target consumers. For
    instance, you might analyze (a) whether the company’s/brand’s current marketing
    the strategy is effective and satisfies the changing consumer behavior/changes in American
    society, (b) whether the marketing communication used for the advertisement is
    appealing to the targeted groups of consumers etc. You might use TV advertisements,
    printed advertisements, or other forms of advertisements/communication for this
    analysis (if applicable).
  3. Based on the findings regarding the current marketing strategy, you will come up
    with an idea for a new marketing strategy that takes into account the issues we covered
    in class (e.g., external influences i.e., changing American society – demographics,
    values, subcultures etc. – and internal influences i.e., perception, motivation, learning,
    attitudes etc. as well as consumer decision process).
    All three sections should be addressed in a type-written report. The body of the
    analysis should not exceed seven double-spaced typed (12-point type) pages.
    However, extensive use of appendices (such as charts, tables, industry-related ads etc.)
    is acceptable. Each item in the appendix must be individually referenced in the body.
    References (i.e., sources of information) must be cited in the body and listed in a
    reference section. As with all written assignments, your analysis will be evaluated on
    its professional appearance, readability, and apparent effort, as well as on its content