7-1 key words


To assess your ability to understand the use of key words in a internet marketing campaign.

Action Items

·         Choose one of the products or brand associated with your previously selected web sites.

·         Brainstorm and identify at least 10 keywords that a person might use to search for the product or the brand.

·         Use the Google Adwords’ keyword tool to learn how good your keyword choices are. Determine if other keywords should have been in your top 10.

·         Search for the product on at least two different search engines (natural search and a paid search). Determine the product’s position in the search.

·         Research the two search engines to determine how products are positioned.

·         Think about what you would recommend to the managers of the product or brand to help them improve their search rankings on the search engines you studied.

·         Write a 3- to 4-page paper that reports your findings on searching. Include section headers in your paper that correspond to the information required. Include at least 2 to 3 resources besides your textbook. Your paper is to include the following sections:

o    Introduction

o    Key Words.

                        List the top 10 keywords for your product or brand.

                        Provide a justification for these key words.

                        Discuss whether you changed your keywords after running through the tool. Explain the change.

o    Product Positioning

o    Describe the positioning results of the product or brand when you used two different search engines.

o    Discuss the differences in positioning between the two search engines.

o    Recommend ways to improve the search engine rankings. Provide a rationale for your recommendations.

                        Imagine that you had the opportunity to market your product or brand through a paid search.

                        Select keywords.

                        Develop two different target markets. (Provide a description of the two target audiences.)

                        Create the ad for each target market. (This is to be a text ad like you see down the side of the page when you do a Google search. See example.)


·         Write a 1-page discussion on which ad would be the most effective. Provide a rationale for your choice.

·         Compile all your work into one document. Include headings to distinguish each section:

o    3- to 4- page paper on organic searching versus paid searching

o    1-page discussion on ad effectiveness

o    The keywords and the two target markets

o    Two storyboards or preliminary plans for the ads.

o    Two ads.

o    Conclusion/recommendations

                        Submit your paper to Your professor will provide the necessary access information so you can upload your paper to the class assignment site.

                        Read the Originality Report you receive from and make any modifications as needed to your paper.

                        Ignore this part no need to use



BOOK : ch 8 Internet Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Strategies, Third Edition. Roberts and  Zahay


Ch 8: Search Marketing: SEO and PPC


Please  choose any one of this web site this project should be about this

·         Project Web Sites”.

·         1- B2B web site: Oracle,

·         2- B2C web site:   Bath and Body Works

3- A nonprofit site but not a government web site:   The World Wide Fund                            

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