Managing workplace conflict

Subject: Managing Workplace Conflict

Journal entries (Australia)

Word count: 360

Using the theories outlined in Condliffe’s text

(ฺBook: Conflict Management, A Practical Guide 6th Edition by Peter Condliffe Lexis Nexis)

 (Only use these: The Dollard/ Miller model, Rummel’s structural modal and The Deutsch model) file: Conflict_Management_A_Practical_Guide_—-_(Chapter_1_Understanding_Conflict_).pdf


you are expected to create a journal of 6 essays on different conflicts or disputes. In each essay you must

1. Explain the circumstances of the conflict/dispute (Already did it)

2. Use the theories in Chapter 1 (Condliffe’s Book) to analyse the conflict/dispute and

3. Add your own view as to how the matter can be resolved.

(60 words per each journal)

The report must be word-processed, and must follow a report format, including correct referencing (Harvard style), formatting, layout and grammar. In relation to referencing, the report must include accurate and detailed in-text referencing as well as a list of references.

** Note plagiarism – the use of others’ words without attribution – is considered a severe offence, and will lead to serious consequences (including subject failure).

Example 1

Journal “Fear towers will ruin ‘soul’ of inner city by Bianca Hall and Chloe Booker

The conflict is between existing businesses and future redevelopment of Brunswick and Smith Streets in Fitzroy … Who are in conflict: (traders/developers/City of Yarra and Victorian Planning Minister) What is the conflict: Development parameters  How is it being manifested (calls to council/Minister) and Why – perceptions (loss of community/amenity) …

Theories “Dollar/Miller theory” Are all parties attempting to resolve the matter? (perhaps not, there is no mention of developers and Minister is avoiding the issue) …

Your own view as to how the matter can be resolved  What is your view on how to work through this process …