management short essay questions

Short Essay Questions for The Goal

  1. Describe the scenario for the opening of this book, as presented in chapters 1 and 2.
  • Who are the principal players in this book, and why is each one important to the story?

3.   What is the dilemma faced by our protagonist? Describe simply and clearly.

4.   What are the principle problems which have led to the situation as it is presented here, based on your knowledge of manufacturing technology?

5.   Identify and define the three measures the author, Goldratt, recommends when analyzing a manufacturing process.

  1. What is the unit of measure used in all three measures and
  • why is it the same?

6.   What are the names and responsibilities of Alex Rogo’s management team?

  1. When scheduling production in a manufacturing process where should you focus your efforts and why?
  • Who is Jonah?

7.   In the story of the Boy Scout troop hike the main character in the book, Alex Rogo, focuses attention on the boy named Herbie. Why?

  1.  Why did Alex Rogo pace the speed of the other boys on Herbie and not let them each move at their own pace?
  •  How did Alex Rogo improve the performance of the system (the speed of the Boy Scout troop as a whole)?

8*.   What was the impact of Alex Rogo’s decision to focus all efforts in his plant on processing the late orders only? 

a)  What did the plant do next to improve operations after they caught up with the late orders?

9.         What are the issues or problems raised by the robot problem?

a). What did Alex Rogo discover about the robots?

b). How did things get this way?

c). What is there about the robot that led to this problem?

10.      What lessons are shared by Jonah with Alex?

11.      What is the Goal? (Your answer should be very brief.  In your company 10-15 years from now, do you agree/disagree with this as the goal and why?)

12.  How do you think the family situation progressed at the end of the book?

*Think about the Penny Game video shown in class to answer this question.