Unit 2- Management principles

Unit 2- Management Principles,

Leeds Beckett University; MSc QS Commercial  Management

  QS Commercial and Financial Management


Overview: Management Principles

To identify, analyse and utilise a range of management principles and theories within facilities management.

Responses to be in the range of 3000 words. Assignment

‘The preferred leadership and management styles of an individual may not be effective in the successful delivery of a construction project.’   Discuss   this   statement   in relation to traditional and contemporary leadership and management theories and assess and evaluate how these theories are applied in your own organisation or an organisation you are familiar with.




It is argued that implementing key performance indicators (KPIs) creates a culture of hitting targets and may have a negative impact on the business. Discuss the role of KPI’s in the management of a large organisation and critically evaluate the use of metrics with examples from the literature and from your own experience.