MAC 213 Final Screenplay Assignment – Description & Rubric

Due: Sunday, May 9th at 11:59 PM on Canvas   

For your previous assignments, you developed a logline for a short film and you developed your main character.  Now it is time to actually write your screenplay.  Choose either one of the two options listed below.

Option 1: Short Film.  Write a screenplay for your short film with a beginning, middle, and end.  The whole thing should be 15-25 pages.  I will stop reading after 25 pages.

Option 2: Act One of a Feature-Length Film.  If you think that your screenplay idea really works better as a full-length film, you can write the first act of your full-length film plus a brief outline (2-3 pages) of the rest.  The same page limit of 15-25 pages applies (including your outline, which means that Act 1 should only be about 23 pages max).

Which option should you pick?  I would recommend that most of you pick Option 1 and write a complete short film.  That way, you will have a finished writing sample that you can put in your portfolio.  I would only recommend Option 2 if you are highly motivated to write an entire feature film.  Only pick Option 2 if you honestly plan to write the remainder of the film on your own time, after this class is over. Otherwise, having an incomplete writing sample doesn’t do you a lot of good.   


  • Include a title page with the film’s title and your name.  This does not count towards the page length restrictions. 
  • Make sure that your screenplay follows the screenplay formatting guidelines we have covered in class (and which are posted on Canvas).  Refer to the Screenwriter’s Bible (Book IV) for any specific formatting questions that might come up. 
  • Submit your screenplay on Canvas as a Word doc or PDF.  If you write your script in screenwriting software, please export it as a PDF because Canvas can’t handle other files.


Clear Story Structure20
Compelling Plot10
Interesting and Well-Developed Characters20
Engaging Scenes & Sequences10
Dialogue Quality10
Overall Writing Quality20
TOTAL100 points