Leadership in organization

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Semester 431

Assignment No: 1Section No: 201
Course Code: HRM 223Course Name:  Leadership in Organizations
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Semester 431

HRM 223 –   Leadership in Organizations

Assignment 1

Weight: 10 marks

An academic poster is a visual tool that is widely used for the purpose of summarizing and communicating research findings to an audience.

While the design of a poster is of great importance, the way it is presented to an audience is of no less importance; both complement each other and contribute to its overall effectiveness.

Your task is to create and present a poster about a topic of your choice as a group of 4 students.

You may start enrolling yourselves into groups on BB.

Instructions and details are next.

Step 1: Choose a topic.

  • Any topic in the field of Leadership at organizational context may be.

Step 2: Have your topic approved.

  • On the course’s Blackboard forum, group leader should write the chosen topic. I will respond to your post whether or not your topic is approved so you may proceed.

Step 3: Look for sources.

  • Search for research papers, articles, books, etc. that discuss your topic. These must be from academic sources and journals, not newspapers, magazines or websites.
  • Make sure that your articles meet the requirements.

Step 4: Work on your template. (review the uploaded sample for reference)

  • You can create your own design, find one online, or use the one provided on the course’s Blackboard page.
  • Make sure that you fulfill all the template requirements highlighted in the next sections.

Step 5: Upload your poster in PDF format on the course’s Blackboard page.

  • Only one member of the group should upload the poster using the BB link created for that purpose.
  • The deadline is Week 7. Presentations during class timing

* Plagiarism is treated with zero tolerance and will result in nullifying your grade as well as further disciplinary actions.

The poster must contain the following:

  • Your first and last names
  • Your student ID numbers
  • The course code and title
  • JUC logo
  • The phrase: Supervised by Ms. Shahad Aldawood

There poster must have these sections:

  • Introduction (50 – 100 words)
    • In this section tell us about your topic: why it is important, why it is important to organizations, why we should know about it.
  • Summary of Research (100 – 200 words)
    • Summarize the experiments performed by the researchers who wrote the articles you are using as a reference and present the results they arrived at.
  • Finding 1, Finding 2, Finding 3, etc. (20 – 50 words each)
    • You should have multiple sections to present each finding.
    • These sections must be no less than 2 and no more than 5.
    • Summarize what the researchers found that in relation to your topic. In other words, the results of the experiments they performed.
    • Use charts, figures, diagrams, illustrations, etc.
  • Conclusion (50 – 100 words)
    • Summarize the most important points of the research and the findings.
    • Discuss what organizations can do to benefit from the findings of the research.
    • You could also talk about the implications of your topic, and how it affects other things in the organization.
  • References
    • Must be in written in APA style.
    • You can use as many articles as you want, but you must have at least 3.