Leadership development assignment

The assessment is a two part reflective journal using reflective model ‘Driscoll’.
part 1 1000 words (already done) please refer to the attached file (L D Instruction), however, it requires
the following improvement:
• You have cited Driscoll and applied his model well, although it might be useful to have applied Driscoll
more in the introduction paragraph to set the tone, please use 250 words to cover this part. please note that
part 1 and part 2 should be combined and produce one coherent document as indicated below (part 2
requirements), therefore the introduction should be written as such.
• You have also described SMART, but there is a lack of application. I would like to have seen a specific
action plan with timeline deliverables, possibly in a table format to be able to meet the learning objective
and describe how you intend to develop and/or master personal leadership (Goal setting template
you are required to complete Part 2 – 1500 words in similar fashion to part 1 and combine the two parts
and produce as one coherent document).
This to be written in the first person
The purpose of this task is to assess your ability to critically analyse the key concepts and theories of
leadership in organisations, reflect on and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and
develop well-informed strategies to improve your own leadership practice.
• Critically analyse relevant concepts and theories of leadership and consider the implications for your
leadership practice.
• Where appropriate, discuss the results of self-assessment questionnaires.
• Identify your areas of strength and weakness as a leader.
• Identify goals to develop your own leadership practice in this area (using SMART goals).
Important: In the attached (L D assessment instruction file) at the end of each week 5, 6 & 7 there is a part
titled reflection instruction, this should be extremely helpful.