Leadership and management assignment

Assignment guidance

The following guidance is a suggestion of how you might want to structure your assignment. It is not a definitive guide and you can choose to structure your assignment as you’d like to, but this guidance might help you to organise your thoughts.


  • Write a clear introduction which states your approach to the assignment
  • Outline a scenario/situation which you have observed in practice/hypothesised and which illustrates/suggests the need for a change in practice

Main body

  • Identify which theory/ies were evident in the scenario and which theories would have been useful to the situation
  • Critically appraise the importance of political and ethical awareness for nurses and on both policy and the leadership of the change context you’ve identified (LO1)
  • Critically analyse and evaluate theories, skills, and practice in relation to the facilitation of the change in your scenario/situation and discuss the importance of effective leadership in healthcare (LO2)
  • Critically analyse the concept of teamworking and identify a range of performance strategies required for team effectiveness ensuring risk aversion and effective risk management (LO3)
  • Critically appraise the process of transitioning from student to registered nurse and reflect on own development needs. Demonstrate how this informs the transition from student nurse to registered nurse (LO4)
  • Critical reflection and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and identify actions for development
  • You can discuss these issues in the third person in terms of theory and practice and include your personalised SWOT and PDP in an appendix


  • Outline the main findings from your discussion and critical appraisal in the main body of your essay

However you structure your assignment, make sure you meet the assignment learning outcomes.