LAW5009-B Business Law and Ethics for Accountants 2020-21

main assessment 2

Please submit your assignment electronically through Turnitin in Canvas – failure to submit, or late submissions without an authorised extension will be considered as non-submission and you will receive a mark of zero.  Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism.  For full submission details see the submission guidelines in the assignment section on Canvas. Please note that you should keep a copy of your assignment for your records.

This assessment is not group work and is to be completed individually. Please ensure that your UB number is included on every page of your paper.

Word limit 1500

Weighting – 60% of the total marks for the module

Your answer will be marked in accordance with the law assessment criteria attached & available in the module handbook


With reference to appropriate statutory and common law examples critically evaluate how company law has sought to protect against the abuse of limited liability.

Law Assessment Criteria

LESS THAN 40%40-49%50-59%60-69%70+ %


Insufficient details of relevant law                                                                                   < 40%

Some basic detail of relevant law                                                                                   40-49%

Good statement of relevant law                                                                                      50-59%

Clear statement of relevant law                                                                                      60-69%

Excellent statement of relevant law                                                                                 70+ %


Fails to identify key issues, poor or no attempt at application                                            < 40%

Identifies obvious issues only, weak application of law                                                     40-49%

Good coverage of obvious issues, reasonable application of law                                      50-59%

Obvious and subtle issues dealt with, good application of law                                          60-69%

Excellent coverage of issues, excellent application of law                                                70+ %


Poor/no attempt at evaluation, critical judgment, or problem solving                                 < 40%

Weak evaluation, critical judgment and problem solving                                                   40-49%

Reasonable evaluation, critical judgment, and problem solving                                        50-59%

Good evaluation, critical judgment, and problem solving                                                  60-69%

Excellent evaluation, critical judgment, and problem-solving                                            70+ %


Very poor referencing, no research apparent                                                                   < 40%

Weak referencing, evidence of basic research only                                                          40-49%

Adequate referencing, evidence of some further research                                                50-59%

Clear referencing, evidence of some detailed research                                                    60-69%

Excellent footnote referencing, bibliography, and research                                               70+ %


Inadequate spelling, grammar, messy and careless presentation                                      < 40%

Significant errors in spelling, grammar, careless structure                                                40-49%

Reasonable spelling and grammar, satisfactory presentation                                           50-59%

Good spelling and grammar, well organised structure                                                      60-69%

Excellent spelling, grammar, structure, and presentation                                                  70+ %