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. Rights and Responsibilities of Individual Students Students Organizations and Their Members

Students with Disabilities. Due Process Rights of Teachers. and Discrimination in Employment.

Focusing I the above answer the following questions

What are students’ due process rights when administrators take disciplinary action? How do zero tolerance policies affect the legal and ethical decision-making of school officials?

.* List the title of each example of jurisprudence in the list of references, as well as the text. For example, the Trustees of the Dartmouth College V. Woodward, 17 U.S. 518 (1819), should also be included in the reference list.

Please write an introduction, a main section of the discussion and a conclusion. 7 references APA 7 2.0 space 12 size Time new roman. Do Not use Not dated references you are free to use references older than 3 years

Introduction around 150 words No references here

Main section around 750 words all references here

Concussion around 200 words No references here

References 7 ,4 peer reviewed