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Design a virtual field trip that you could use to provide professional development for your special education teachers in the area of curricula and strategies for students with mild disabilities. (You may want to investigate a Prezi option.) Make sure that the sites are hot linked for easy access. You can present this trip utilizing any type of technology. Please include the following:

  • A minimum of five sites to locate curricula and five to locate strategies.
  • Provide a focus, purpose, and grade level(s) of your choice for this virtual in-service.
  • Include a pre-assessment, means for teachers to demonstrate application of what they learn in their practice: A pre-assessment document to be completed prior to the in-service and a description of how you would use the information gleaned from this document to support the learning of teachers involved in the in-service
  • A follow-up assessment.

Length: 12-15 pages or the equivalent length if a technological delivery format is selected for designing all or part of this assignment. 
References: A minimum of 10 reference citations from the past five years to support the information provided as context for the virtual in-service. 

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