Lab report assignment

Lab Report Format

General lab reports are required for all laboratory experiments. If we do multiple experiments in one week, you should combine them into one lab report. To do this, you just need one overall Heading, Purpose, Introduction and Conclusion, but you should divide up the Materials, Methods, Data and Analysis sections into different experiments. They are due 1 week after the completion of each lab procedure. Information for lab procedures can be found on Canvas in each week’s module.

Heading and Title (1 POINT) Your name. Date and Title of the lab.

Purpose (2 POINTS) State the purpose of the lab. This should be written in your own words and based on your understanding.

Introduction (5 POINTS) The introduction includes a short overview of the major concepts and ideas pertaining to the particular lab. Get this information from the presentation slides given at the start of class. This section should be 1-2 paragraphs.

Materials (1 POINTS) List all materials needed/used in the experiment in list format.

Methods/Procedure (3 POINTS) Write out the experimental procedures in paragraph format. This MUST be in your own words.

Data (3 POINTS) Data encompasses what you recorded when you conducted the experiment. This includes tables, graphs, calculations, and observations.

Analysis (5 POINTS) This section should be 1-2 paragraphs long and requires insight and critical thinking into the science behind the experiment you performed (this is where you interpret the data). This section is written in a narrative format, not question and answer format unless otherwise instructed.

Your analysis should answer the following general questions (if relevant, and there may be other important ones depending on the experiments):

Why did you obtain your results? If there were multiple samples in the experiment, how did the results compare or how were they different? Why?

What chemical processes or reactions were occurring that ended up giving you the result? If a change occurred within the experiment, WHY did that change occur (for example a color change)? If you added certain indicators, what was their purpose?

Can you identify possible sources of error? Did the equipment used play any role in the results?

And finally, Were the results what you expected, why or why not?

*The   analysis   is   not   a   re-statement   of   the   data/observations   but   rather   an interpretation*

Conclusions (5 POINTS) This section should be 1-2 paragraphs long, it is NOT a restatement of the procedure or analysis. This where you demonstrate your overall understanding of the learning objectives for the lab. Tie in the real-world context of the lab if applicable, and include your opinion, reflection, anecdotes. Talk about things you can do to address the environmental problem or about what society should do.

**Upload all lab reports through Canvas**

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