: “Is the Federal Government rescue plan of the US Banks such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program a Nationalization?”

Subject: After researching on the Internet and at the Library, you will write an essay (5 to 7 pages) following APA style about the following subject: “Is the Federal Government rescue plan of the US Banks such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program  a Nationalization?” You can choose to have one opinion (Yes it is a nationalization or No it is not) but you need to analyze both possibilities before providing your own opinion. Those are guidelines questions that you should ask yourself and that you are free to use to build your essay: Is the rescue plan a nationalization? What were the political, economical contexts when TARP was decided by the Government?  How the US Constitution does define nationalization? Do we have precedent in this matter? How the Government is explaining to the public TARP? What are the modalities, the terms and conditions of TARP? Is TARP efficient? How the public is reacting to it? How the Banks are fitting in TARP? Did they change anything in their banking practices? And in their internal practices (salaries, bonuses, …)?

Please read the subject carefully, as I have seen some of you responding to a question that i did not ask, structure the essay the best you can, read yourself several times. I will take everything into account when I will grade this paper (no cover page, no page numbering, no name, misspellings, …).

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