Introduction to Sociology

1) Subject: SOCI101 – Intro to Sociology

5) Reference material: Book [ Ch1 to Ch7]

15 questions: 5 are short easy(wordy paragraph) 200 words each, 10 short answers around 50 – 100 words each.

You need to include at least 3 sociological concepts. Make sure to DEFINE the concept when you use it, and then apply it to your paper.

Please pay attention to grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

No need to sights or reference. Be sure to meet the page limit.

Please note TurnitIn is active and will flag for copy and pasted materials. If this occurs, you will get a ZERO. No plagiarism (use your own words)

All: single-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman, APA format.

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