Interview Essay

Interview Essay
Essay that describes your interview participant(s) and what you learned about what teachers do that helps or hinders learning. Append typed transcript (At least 20 full minutes). Be sure to use direct quotes, observation notes, and the context for the interview. 7 pages at least with out the title page and the refrence page.
Interview Paper Due: Be sure to include direct quotes, the context for the interview and append transcription and observation notes. .After completing interviews with one student, transcribe the data (at least 20 minutes of key dialogue) and, after careful analysis, write up what you learned including using sufficient quotes, detail and context to persuade us that your interpretations of the voices of the students has merit and that you listened with an open and critical consciousness about your own assumptions and biases, etc. Append transcript at the end along with any field notes. Remember the focus is on YOUR performance, not theirs.
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due in 48 hours

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