International Business Environment


The essay should address one of the topics below, should be 1,000 words (excluding references) and should be properly referenced in Harvard style only.


Analyse the political economy OR cultural environment of a country of your choice. Using a company of your choice as an example, discuss how the political economy OR cultural context provide opportunities and challenges for foreign firms in your chosen country.

General Guidance

(1) An Introduction (about 100 words) should provide a general background to the topic at the beginning. This should be followed by the main body where you need to present your analysis and /or discussion. The essay should show evidence of reading from at least 10 sources – including books, academic journal articles, newspapers/magazines and websites. Refer to the module handbook for recommended reading sources. It is OK to use some sources more extensively than others. Do not include charts and graphs in the core-text of the essay. These can be included in an appendix section at the end of the essay; however you need to cite them when you refer to them in the core-text. The Conclusion (about 100 words) of the essay should summarize the analysis / discussion and provide concluding statements.

(2) You may choose the countries used in the workshop activity for your essay. But you will be expected to conduct a detailed analysis using a wider variety of sources (see point 1 above).

(3) Your word-count can range between 900 words to 1100 words. That is, a maximum of 10% (+/-) is allowed. Bibliography and Appendices do not count in the word-count.

(4) Please refer to the marking criteria (next page) carefully for further information on what will constitute a higher mark for the essay.