Internal Selection DB-645 From Blackboard

Answer only ONE of the two prompts given.

  1. Chapter 10: Applications: Changing a Promotion System (pgs. 544-545 – on attached chapter). Answer questions 1-3.


  • Chapter 10: Applications: Promotion from Within at Citrus Glen (pgs. 545-546 – on attached chapter). Answer question 1-3.


  • The essay MUST be a full two pages in length, NOT to include quotations, references, a restatement of the question, etc.
  • MUST include concepts from the attached chapter learnings.
  • The statements made must be supported by at least one scholarly reference published within the past five years (such as the textbook, or an article from a scholarly, peer-reviewed academic journal – NOT websites, newspapers, magazines, or blogs, etc) with corresponding APA-formatted in-text citations and reference list.
  • Only original content counts toward the minimum word count. The reference list, quotations, and restatement of the question do NOT count toward the minimum word count. Zero quotations, please.
  • Narrative prose only please – no bullet points, numbered lists, or tables.