Information on assessment 2

EEC3003 Professional Contexts

Below are the instructions for your alternative assessment 2

Assessment 2—Summarise two articles and make a critical comment on each. Worth 35% 1,200 words

Article 1: Harms, P and Roebuck, D. 2009 ‘Teaching the art and craft of giving and receiving feedback.’

Article 2: Danielson, C.  Chapter 1 ‘Why Professional Conversation?’ In Talk about teaching! Leading Professional Conversations

Apart from the two articles that you will reference, you will need to draw on at least 3 sources to back up your comments that you need to find yourself. All sources must be peer reviewed.

  • For the assessment task you must use the Harvard referencing system correctly, which means in-text citations need page numbers.
  • You must write in essay form so, please include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion that sums up your points of argument. You must include a bibliography/reference list.
  • You must pay attention to your writing, ensuring that you spelling, grammar, sentence & paragraph structure are all in order.