Influence of Extracurricular Activities on Student’s Future Career

Education systems across the world have incorporated extracurricular activities in teaching practice. Extracurricular activities are essential in reinforcing what has been taught in the classroom by allowing students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the real world. In addition, the actions play a crucial role in boosting students’ career prospects and influencing their future careers in diverse ways.

Extracurricular activities provide various opportunities to students, such as scholarships. According to Meadows (2019), many students have benefitted through scholarships after their excellence in various extracurricular activities such as sports. Furthermore, given that some students usually have fee arrears, these scholarships give them a golden opportunity to pursue their educational goals appropriately. Consequently, the students end up performing in their academic work; hence, scaling their future careers.

Furthermore, extracurricular activities are very instrumental in creating healthy lifestyles among the students. Ranasinghe et al. (2017) argue that healthy students can engage themselves in academic work and boost their scores. Typically, health students will be academically productive as they can have successful discernment of their academic careers. According to Meadows (2019), health students will commit themselves actively to homework and assignments to boost their level to decipher concepts in the classrooms. Thus, students must participate in extracurricular activities and increase their physical fitness that positively reflects in their academic work.

In conclusion, extracurricular activities are very instrumental for students in achieving their future careers. The activities open various opportunities that can help students pursue their goals. For example, some students are given scholarships that clear their fee arrears. In addition, extracurricular activities help students maintaining their healthy lifestyles. Their physical fitness majorly supports active participation in classwork. Therefore, the government should take further measures and support extracurricular activities by awarding and rewarding students who excel in sports activities and other extracurriculars.


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