Industrial Network Protocols in Critical Infrastructure

Industrial Network Protocols in Critical Infrastructure

This paper will research different communications protocols used within Critical infrastructure
including SCADA systems. The paper will demonstrate an overview of the protocols, where these
protocols are used, there benefits, and how the security of such protocols could be enhanced.

The paper will include protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, OPC, Common Industrial
Protocol and DNP3. The paper outline woud look something like this

The task:
Write a report (8-10 pages)
use illustrations/pictures (add references)
add references at the bottom chapter 5

  1. Introduction (1-2 pages)
  • what is a critical infra structure?
  • what are scada system?
  • where is it used? how are they vulnerable? etc
  1. Industrial network protocols
  • what is an industrial network protocol?
  • how are they different to other network protocols?
  1. Protocol architecture (1/2 – 1 pages per protocol, 4-7 pages)
  • Modbus(repeat for other protocols):
  • what does this protocol do?
  • where is it used? benefits of the protocol
  • The security of the protocol and how it can be better
  • Profibus (1 pages)
  • Profinet (1 pages)
  • OPC (1 pages)
  • Common Industrial (1 pages)
  • Protocol (1 pages)
  • DNP3 (1 pages)
  1. conclusion
  2. references

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