HR Risk Management Strategy Plan and Contingency Plan Evaluation

I have two more assignments for you due Sunday night any time on Sunday.

1. HR Risk Management Strategy Plan

Resources: A virtual organization from the Virtual Organization link located on the Materials page and Appendix C

Design an HR risk management strategy plan for your chosen virtual organization company using Appendix C as a guide. Word count 1,500.

Summarize the following in your plan:


·         Risk assessment and management program

·         Health and safety programs

·         Succession plan

·         Crisis contingency plan


Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment


2. Contingency Plan Evaluation (Appendix B)

Resources: Appendix B

Research and locate two contingency plans using a search engine of your choosing.

Fill out Appendix B, Contingency Plan Evaluation, using the information found in your search.

Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

Be sure to include title page and reference page. Word count 1,000 – 1,500.  Do not include the instructions in your paper.

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