How do menstrual apps comfort and secure women?

Research Question: How do menstrual apps comfort and secure women, and how does it reflect the technological utopian approach to women’s health? Research Problem: In my paper, I’d like to concentrate on the menstrual app Flo. I feel like in our times’ people like to become more independent about their health(from going all the time to the clinic/doctor). I’d like to write about the app’s features, how it operates, and how it affects women of all ages. Cycle monitoring applications save and analyze data such as your previous periods, sleep patterns, heart rate, basal body temperature, and cervical fluid. You enter the information into the app, which uses it to predict when you’ll have your period and when you’ll ovulate.  Women are becoming more aware of their bodies and health, so having an app that calculates everything for you rather than a self-guided calendar is quite handy. My concept of a technological utopia world in which technology can address many difficulties and everything appears to be so simple may be a good ideology to relate to menstrual apps, where you can solve any women’s health-related issue with data.  Main Argument: Living in a technological utopia where menstrual apps can solve any women’s health problem, based on gathered data from many active users. Theoretical Framework: „Technological utopianism is any ideology based on the premise that advances in science and technology could and should bring about a utopia, or at least help to fulfil one or another utopian ideal. A tech-utopia does not disregard any problems that technology may cause but strongly believes that technology allows mankind to make social, economic, political, and cultural advancements. Overall, Technological Utopianism views technology’s impacts as extremely positive.” (Wikipedia) 
 As previously stated, Techno-utopia sees the impact of technology as super beneficial which I will use in the context of menstrual/cycle tracking apps. The users may solve the problems just by an app.