History of Alexander the Great

History of Alexander the Great. This week’s writing assignment: You are a Proxenos (guest friend, ambassador). Please write a treaty proposal in which you, as the representative of a polis, offer an alliance to the citizens of another polis. You may choose to be the representative of any polis discussed in the lectures or readings, and you may choose to propose your alliance to any other polis similarly found in the course materials. Because the relationships between poleis were always evolving during the period covered this week, please select a date for your proposal. (A rough date is fine, it doesn’t have to be to a specific day unless you feel as though that helps your proposal in some way).

In creating your proposal, you should consider several aspects of interpolis relationships that you might want to discuss. What would your alliance bring to both cities? What would each city gain? Are there risks involved for the cities? Is there any history between your cities that might make the alliance more attractive, or more difficult for its citizens to accept, and how can you speak to that? What are the current political situations among the other Greek cities, and how does that affect your proposal? What are the internal situations within each polis that may affect your proposal? Your goal here is to persuade the citizens of both cities that this will be to their benefit.

The assignment should be between 500-600 words. Write your proposal on a word document and submit it to Canvas by 5 PM Saturday, August 6th San Diego time. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font, and double space the lines of your document. The late policy discussed in the syllabus applies.