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Health Photo Assessment Part II Powerpoint: Students should pick one or a couple of health behaviors that they would like to improve at the beginning of the semester. Over the course of the semester, students should keep a weekly journal about their progress towards changing this behavior. (Some examples include losing weight, exercising more, eating less junk food or fast food, eating more fruits or vegetables, stop smoking, cut back on smoking, cut back on drinking, getting more sleep, etc)  You may use charts, video journals, pictures, etc to show your progress.  At the end of the 14th week you will need to create another powerpoint describing the behavior you chose, why you chose it, your progress, and your reflection on the past 13th weeks.  Your slides should also include a section on current research pertaining to the health behavior you chose.  The slides should follow this outline:

  • Section 1 : Current research on your health behavior.  You must use at least THREE journal articles from peer reviewed journals.
  • Section 2 : Why did you choose this health behavior?  Did you make any progress over the 7 weeks?  What was difficult about changing the behavior? What helped you in changing this behavior?  What are some long term benefits of changing this behavior for you?
  • Section 3: Summarize your journal entries. You may include charts, pictures, etc in this section.
  • Section 4: Bibliography. Use APA format for your citations.

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