Health and wellness- weight management assignment

You can choose to create a PowerPoint or type your answers in the form of an essay. It’s up to you. Either way, feel free to include pictures or self-made diagrams if it helps to illustrate your point(s). If you are writing an essay-style paper, please do not turn in anything longer than three pages (double-spaced, 12 point font).

Section I – Obesity: The Greatest Threat to our Cardio-metabolic Health? (10 points):

Define the term obesity (U.S.). In doing so, please use terminology and measures that were discussed in class (i.e. BMI, body fat %, etc.). Although we discussed some relevant statistics and demographics in class, please find the most up to date information on incidence and prevalence (how many people in the US are diagnosed and where in the U.S. is the largest density of obese individuals, age, gender, ethnicity, etc.); the CDC or any “.gov” website may be useful in this search. Lastly, please discuss one lifestyle disease that you believe is clearly linked to obesity (a disease that being obese places you at a significantly higher risk of being diagnosed with). Describe the physiological link between obesity and the development/progression of this lifestyle disease.

Section II – Diet: Fruitful or Fad (10 points):

Choose one popular/common commercial diet. Provide a detailed discussion of this diet, to include information on the population it is targeting, its intended purpose, the strategy (i.e. guidelines for nutrition such as % of CHO, fats, and proteins the consumers should ingest daily), and any other information that you feel is relevant. If available, please provide data on the overall success/failure rate of the diet (i.e. how many months the average person commits, % of those who sustain their weight loss, numerical data for average weight lost, etc.). Lastly, based on information that we discussed in class, talk about why you believe the diet is likely healthy or unhealthy, and is effective or ineffective.

Section III – Diet, Exercise, or Both: Evidence-Based Reasoning (10 points):

Find at least one peer-reviewed, scientific research article that seeks to provide information on the best weight loss/management strategy, with regards to dieting, exercise, or a combination of the two. There are many studies that address this topic; find one that interests you the most. Be sure that the study includes at least three groups (diet/nutrition counseling group, exercise/physical activity group, and a group that does both). List the research question, hypothesis, descriptive information on the study participants, methods used (type of diet, details on diet, type of exercise, duration of study, etc.), results, support of hypothesis, and key takeaways.