Government 117-Introduction to American Government

Student Name:


Value: 200 Total Points

Submission of topic: 20 points

Points given for turning in a topic for opinion or research that relates to government

Title page- 1page length, 10 points:

            Title, Name, Class, Date

Intro- 20 points:

            Thesis/ Introduction

            Discussion Points

Body- 60 points:

 6 pages maximum

Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1inch margins

Complete sentences that are grammatically correct and without many spelling or punctuation mistakes. Writing should flow, One topic or point to make per paragraph- no bouncing back and forth.

Recognize primary and secondary sources and learn how to avoid plagiarism and have a better understanding of a specific topic involved with Government that creates a better understanding of such topic. Include demonstration of historical facts, context, and opinion (yours as well as others).

Conclusion- 20 points:

Intro restated with quick summary of discussion points made with an overall assessment of of the main idea you are trying to convey

Bibliography- 1page length, 60 points:

APA format.

Multiple Sources-at least 5. No wikipedia