GOOGLESCHOLAR: Weatherization Assignment 6


Directions: Please provide a response to each of the following questions using APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Each response must be at least one paragraph in length consisting of three to five sentences.




1.      What are the primary uses for lighting in homes?




2.      What are the differences between incandescent and halogen bulbs?




3.      Describe the types of compact fluorescent bulbs and their advantages.




4.      What are the ideal places where compact fluorescent bulbs should be put in light fixtures?




5.      Describe the different types of high-intensity discharge lamps.




6.      What are some types of lighting control systems?




7.      Describe three methods used for daylighting.




8.      Name important rules a weatherization service provider should consider when incorporating daylighting into a weatherization project.




9.      How much energy do refrigerators consume?  Which models are the most efficient?




10.    What types of clothes washers and dryers are the most efficient?  How are they rated?


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