Golf club discussion post

This activity provides you with an opportunity to research a golf club or resort facility and identify the different food and beverage service styles that they offer. Working through this module, you have learned that many service styles are common to these business operations. Depending on the facility, whether it be private, semi-private, public, or resort, one or all of these food and beverage service styles may be offered.

  1. Post your answer in the discussion topic. Complete the following:
    1. Choose a golf club or resort. Find a golf club or resort facility (worked, visited, or wish to visit) and share the URL associated with the facility with your classmates. Provide a brief overview of the facility by identifying the type of club (private, semi, public) or resort and some of the amenities that they offer.
    1. Food and Beverage Service Styles. Identify 3-4 food and beverage service styles (e.g. banquet, quick service, dining room, beverage cart, etc.) that are offered at the facility. For each service style, be sure to indicate whether it is seasonal or offered year-round.
    1. Food and Beverage Opportunities. Identify 2-3 food and beverage opportunities based on the different service styles offered at the club/resort facility that you selected.