Global pandemic

Read the following information and compose an outline planning for the topic OR a whole 5 paragraph essay. Use the SOL Outline provided here. Your choice -however will best help you prepare for the SOL next month.

Background Info: Throughout these pandemic times, it has been said by some that children and young people are and will be okay – that because you all are “RESILIENT,” you will be able to cope with the new and unprecedented challenges you’re facing, and you will come out okay.

Opponents of this idea, though, argue that this is a complicated time, and that labeling all children and young people as “resilient” in the face of so many challenges diminishes their mental, physical, and emotional struggles. These people believe that we should not overlook what young people experience, as the affects of this pandemic (virtual learning, social isolation, spending so much time at home, etc.) may be long-lasting.

*Resilient – adjective – able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

Respond to this question: After considering the two sides above and your own feeling on the matter – are children and young people as resilient? Take a position/stance on this issue and explain your reasoning.

Introduction Paragraph


The disruption of life by a global pandemic has robbed children and young people of many of the joys and highlights of growing up.


It has been said that young people are resilient in the face of challenges and can therefore overcome the various struggles that have come about from the global health emergency.


Although young people are resilient and adaptable, the occurrence of a pandemic in the middle of their adolescence has unforeseen consequences to their mental health – labeling them as resilient offers an easy route to ignore addressing the challenges they may be facing and for these reasons it can be argued that young people are not as resilient as is being assumed.

Body Paragraph 1

Claim/Assertion/Topic Sentence (1 sentence)

Evidence (3-4 sentences)

An example that supports your claim. Can be a personal experience, historical example, literary/movie example, celebrity example, hypothetical situation, etc.

Reasoning = explain why the evidence proves this first point, “so what?” (1-2 sentences_


Introduce an argument someone could make against your opinion(1-2 sentences)

e. Rebuttal

Prove the argument wrong (1-2 sentences

Body Paragraph 2 (Same as #1)

Body Paragraph 3 (Same as #1)

V. Conclusion.


why is this topic important, why should the reader care


How has this topic impacted the past


How will it impact the future


A call to action…what should your reader do about this issu