Generalizations/Replications/External Validity/Psycholgical Study

  • Explain the two main types of Generalizations which are Generalization across participants and Generalization across settings. Then make sure to identify the issues associated with each type.
  • Explain the four different types of replications which are as follows: Exact Replications, Conceptual Replications, Constructive Replications, and Participant Replications. Explain the the purpose of each one. Include for each type of replication an original psychological study example (i.e., make up your own) that is different for each type of replication (i.e., do not build on the same example). Plan to devote a short paragraph for each.
  • Briefly explain how replications relate to external validity.
  •  Provide References.. Required reference is  (Stangor, Charles 2011-2013 Research Methods)


Psychology help/or numerical analysis help (Combination)

3-4 Pages APA Due Sunday 05/10/15 by 8 PM

Follow all instructions and if you have questions feel free to ask

Thank you

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