General Theme: Kant vs. Mill

Oakton Community College

Spring 2021



Write a five-page essay on the following topic:

General Theme: Kant vs. Mill

Examine Kant’s notions of the Good Will and Duty. What role should emotion play in moral decision making, according to Kant? Define his Categorical Imperative. Then, contrast this with J.S. Mill’s overall position on ethics. What do you think is Mill’s essential difference from Kant? Finally, consider their respective impacts on policy during the COVID-19 crisis: How would their recommendations differ? Do you prefer one approach over the other?  

Three needful things:

Please provide a comprehensive introduction to your essay, indicating its overall scope and direction.

Back up your summary of the material with at least four citations from our Ethics text (at least one on Mill), using a standard referencing system (APA or MLA) for your citations.

Essays not following these directives will be returned for revision.

Essays are to be presented in double-spaced 12-point New Times Roman with standard margins. Essays are due no later than Tuesday April 27th. Please email responses by D2L.

Penalty for late submissions: Unless you present documentation of an emergency regarding you, your spouse or child, one point will be subtracted for each day the essay is late.