Future of law and tech in Australia

Prepare a report on “Technology in Legal Practice in Australia”.


You have a placement working 2 days per week at Barramundi Legal.  They are a boutique Property and Commercial firm located in Sydney NSW, comprising 15 lawyers, 5 paralegals and 5 administrative and conveyancing staff. They seek to expand their operations Australia-wide.  They are investigating many angles for the expansion, including whether to incorporate more specialist property and commercial services, take on new hires in other specialist areas, or expand the firm by acquiring other smaller practices.  They are in talks with a number of regional and remote practitioners who may consider merging with Barramundi. The expansion plans are in the early days. The expansion plans are in the early days. Your supervising lawyer, Ms Juliette Romeo, has been tasked with investigating the benefits and risks of incorporating new technologies into the practice.  Ms Romeo is keen to involve you in her project and requested you prepare a report on the use of technology in legal practice.

Here is her description of the requirements for you: 

Address the following questions:

1) What is the future of law and tech in Australian? Can you identify any specific technologies or emerging tech trends that we should be aware of? (other than of LEAP and PEXA).

2) What aspects of professional ethical responsibility are impacted by new technology? Is the duty of confidentiality and priviledge impacted by technology and in what way? Does the duty of competence extend to technology? Are there any other factors you can think of? This is an important consideration. 

3) What are the risks for an Australian firm that doesn’t fully embrace legal tech?

4) Any recommendations that a firm should adopt? This can include new technologies and/or improved practices.

Start with a one-page executive summary of your key messages.