Furnishing to minors

  1.  Read the “Furnishing to Minors” link above at “Reading Assignments”.  In a 1-2 page paper, address the following questions:
  1. You be the Judge.  Read the Crimes Code Sec. 6310 statute at the link above, and decide what it means.  You decide what the legislature intended 60 years ago when they passed this statute.  Does it mean a person like Ed is guilty if it can be proven he handed alcohol to a person who turned out to be under 21, even if he did not know it at the time?  Or does it mean a person is guilty only if it can be proven that he KNEW the person was under 21 when he handed him the alcohol.
  • Give reasons for your answer.

Now let me add a new fact:  there is another statute in PA (the   Liquor Code  ) which only applies to bartenders/waitresses (so it does   not   apply to Ed in this example).  This statute says that:

bartenders/waitresses are guilty of serving alcohol to a minor if they furnish alcohol to a person who is under 21 years of age.

  • Does knowing about this statute affect your decision about what proof the Crimes Code statute in Ed’s case requires?

    B.  IN THE SAME ATTACHMENT, in a paragraph or two,

1.  Read the “sheriff arrest” link at “Reading Assignments”.  Do you think it is right that some sheriff in Allegheny County gets arrest powers, just because some sheriff in Old England had the power 500 years ago?

  • In another paragraph tell me what the legislature could do if they don’t like the Court’s decision giving PA sheriffs arrest power. These last two paragraphs can be submitted at the end of the above-referenced 1-2 page paper.

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