Fund Instruments

You decide to show Alice Cartwright how beta affects the volatility of stocks. You need to go out and find 5 stocks in which you think Alice might have investment interest.

Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Identify the stocks in which you would have Alice invest.
    • Make sure each stock has a different beta.
  • Either track the stocks for 4 days, or use historical data to monitor price fluctuations in the market price.
  • Comment on the price changes relative to the beta.
  • Discuss other items that could affect the stock price.


Mayo, chap. 5, 6 & 7


Due Date:

6/29/2014 11:59:59 PM (-2 Days)


Total Pts:



Points Earned:





Deliverable Length:

600–800 words
Assignment Type:

Individual Project

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