Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal represented a radical shift in the relationship between the federal government and U.S. citizens

Evaluate the extent to which Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal represented a radical shift in the relationship between the federal government and U.S. citizens.

Note: “Evaluate” means you are making a judgment. It’s not enough to list and describe some effects of the New Deal. You are asserting how much those effects changed U.S. society based on evidence.


  1. Read and analyze each of the following documents using the HAP-P process as a guide:
    Document 2—Herbert Hoover’s State of the Union Address, 1930
    Document 3—Photograph of an Illinois farm, 1940
    Document 4—”Mobilization of Human Needs” speech, 1933
    Document 5—Excerpt from Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty! Brief Fourth Edition, 2014
    Document 6—Report of the 1938 Advisory Council on Social Security
    Document 7—”A Prop Against Human Erosion” political cartoon
  2. Write your thesis statement and plan your response, taking care to group the documents under the main point each group best supports.
  3. Write your complete essay response to the prompt.

    Make sure your response:

    • presents a clear thesis statement that responds directly to the prompt
    • connects the argument to more general developments of the time period
    • has at least three main points to back up the thesis statement
    • refers to each of the documents (it is acceptable to use the number, e.g., “Document 1”) and explains how each document supports the argument
    • includes information beyond the documents to support the argument
    • shows deeper understanding of the topic by using evidence to corroborate, qualify, or modify the argument