Foundations of World Literature 1

Print this Thread and write off-line to make your answers less hurried. Remember to do a bit at a time.

Fill out the 4 portions of the fable worksheet [each numbered entry about two fables] in Part I; then answer the question about familiar morals, and complete the fable story in a modern setting, in Part 2: do each part in separate postings –but do both Parts. Then review the module by answering 1 question in Part 3. Finally, respond constructively to two or more classmates’ answers. [Total is 7 numbered postings or answers.]


  • Aesop’s Fables (1-19, 24-44, 46-54, 58, 62, 64, 69, 71, 73, 76-83) [in Dover]; emphasize twenty fables in your study.
    • if you don’t have the paperback, go to, and read CAREFULLY these fables that you select. You may be tested on any of these.
    • PICK TEN: ‘Ass and Grasshopper,’ ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,’ ‘Jackdaw and Pigeons,’ ‘Belly and members,’ ‘Lion and 4 bulls,’ ‘Goatherd and she-goat,’ ‘Fox and Stork,’ ‘Town mouse and country mouse,’ ‘Cock and Jewel,’ ‘Serpent and man,’ ‘Travellers and plane tree,’ ‘Eagle and arrow,’ ‘Two crabs,’ ‘Fox and woodman,” ‘Lark and young ones,’ ‘Wolf and watchdog,’ ‘Dog and shadow,’ ‘Old man, son, and ass,’ ‘Fox and Lion,’
    • ‘PICK  TEN: Young mouse, cock, and cat,’ ‘Vain jackdaw,’ ‘Belling the cat,’ ‘Covetous man,’ ‘One-eyed doe,’ ‘Cock and fox,’ ‘Hare and tortoise,’ ‘Jupiter’s two wallets,’ ‘Stag looking into pool,’ ‘Old woman and doctor,’ ‘Goat and bull,’ ‘Boy and figs,’ ‘Socrates and friends,’ ‘Wolf and ass,” ‘Mule laden with corn and mule laden with gold,’ ‘Fox and goat,’ ‘Kid and wolf,’ ‘Goose that laid the golden egg,’ ‘Mercury and woodman,’ ‘wolf and crane,’ ‘Boys and frogs,’ ‘Hare and hound,’ ‘Ape and dolphin,’ 
    •  PICK  TEN: ‘Fox and ass,’ ‘Cats and mice,’ ‘Peacock and crane,’ ‘Man and lion,’ ‘Old hound,’ two travellers,’ ‘Ass and little dog,’ ‘Fox and grapes,’ ‘Fox in well,’ ‘Boy who cried wolf,’  ‘Crow and pitcher,”,
    • PICK  TEN: ‘Lion and mouse’ ‘Ass laden with salt and sponges,’ ‘Farmer and sons,’ ‘Sick lion,’ ‘Hercules and Wagoneer,’ ‘Travellers and bear’, ‘Wind and sun’, ‘Old mn and sons,’ Satyr and traveller,’ ‘Maid and pail of milk,’ ‘Frogs ask for king,’ ‘Farmer and stork,’ ‘Dog in manger,’ ‘Basting traveller’
  • Zuni, “Special Request for the Children of Mother Corn” [Rosenberg, p,587].

Part 1: The Four-Step Aesop Fable Worksheet:

  1.  Summarize the Key Elements In FOUR Fables (in your own words). Pick one fable where you differ with the given moral. [MARK one (A)  and one (B).]
  2. What is the point of EACH story (as you see it)? Re-state the Book’s Moral (emphasizing one way of looking at the fable); and give your own moral if different (perhaps emphasizing a different point of view in the story): Fable A, Morals A1) and A2) ; Fable B, Morals B1) and B2)
  3. What Personal, Familiar, or Public Analogies to the story can you discover? Tell at least story which parallels each fable.  A) and B)
  4. How Do You Explain & Evaluate how well (or how poorly) the Story fits the Moral (yours as well as the book’s)? Write an interpretation. A) and B)

PART 2: AESOP: Genre Worksheet–a separate posting is preferable!

  1. PRACTICE WITH MORALSList 3-4 morals, aphorisms or sententia that you know from elsewhere, and explain each meaning; contextual examples help.
  2. PRACTICE MAKING A FABLEExplain what happened when the student on probation parked by the fire hydrant, in order to sneak into the masquerade put on by a fraternity or sorority. Then tell a suitable moral.  [N.B.: you may want to begin your story with the moral in mind that you wish to demonstrate.]

Part Three: Review the Class Module by answering one of these questions. DEVELOP your answers! 

  1. What is the foggiest point in the lecture or reading? Explain why and how so!
  2. Which fable is most applicable to your life, and how?
  3. What moral would the people draw from the Zuni prayer?
  • Use complete syntax AND paragraphs. USE DETAILS, EXAMPLES, AND EXPLANATIONS. Submit by Friday. Remember to include responses TO OTHERS’ POSTS by Sunday.
  •  Answer all these questions BY NUMBER

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