Morrow & Gambrell Text Chapter 14 Best Practices in Content-Area Teaching

•         Morrow & Gambrell Text Chapter 16 New Literacies in Literacy Instruction

•         Morrow & Gambrell Text Chapter 8 Best Practices in Teaching Phonological Awareness and Phonics

•         Ellery Text Chapter 2 Word Study: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics


Complete the course readings due for this module.  Then complete the Reading Reflection for this Module:

1.     Briefly Summarize the Ellery text and Morrow & Gambrell text readings by using a “transforming text” approach from chapter 14 of the Morrow & Gambrell text.

2.     Apply what you have learned from these chapters by choosing ONE of the below to apply to your classroom/instruction (You do not have to do a-c just pick one to apply and reflect.)

a.     Apply what you have learned about Phonological Awareness/Phonics/Word Study & briefly write up the impact.

b.     Critique the materials and activities that you have available for teaching phonics and determine whether these materials and activities reflect the best practices.  Support your critique with the text material.  Also examine the materials for how much attention they pay to helping children discover morphemic links.

3.     Review the lesson example of Andy from Chapter 16 from the Morrow & Gambrell text and (select one response)

a.     Use the information shared throughout the chapter regarding new literacies to explain to a friend why Andy’s teacher believed in remixing.  Share your thinking through a conversation between Andy’s teacher and your friend.  Use graffiti to create characters if you like. 

b.     As an alternative activity argue for or against the use of new literacies in literacy instruction in meeting the needs of diverse learners.

• This Reading Reflection discussion post should be in an essay/paragraph format, not a simple short answer of the questions stated above. Discussion should be thorough and substantiated by supporting your responses/answers with the readings from the text/websites. Label your answers as mynameModule1 (your name in place of myname). • Then, read and respond to at least 2 responses posted by your classmates. Try to respond to different individuals not the same person. You must respond to others to receive full credit for this module’s participation

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