The realization that 21st Century businesses must attend to the “triple bottom line” of profits, people, and the planet” is referred to as:Answer

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance
Free Market Ethics
Corporate culture


What is NOT an example of a “wrongful termination” due to an exception of the doctrine of employment at will?Answer

An employee is fired because they are a member of a “protected class” under federal civil rights laws.
An employee is fired as retaliation for reporting a workplace violation or company fraud.
An employee is fired for reasons other than those in their employee handbook that indicates the termination be based on principles of “good faith and fair dealing” as an implied employment contract.
An employee is fired as a result of company layoffs, however, the layoffs disproportionately affect more women than men.


There are several types of company surveillance employees are legally subjected to, EXCEPT:Answer

GPS Satellite & Tracking of cars & cell phones
Wiretapping of private cell phones
Monitoring IM chat


Alan Westin views that limited communication is particularly vital in which communities due to heightened stimulation and continuous physical and psychological confrontations between strangers?Answer

small town life
suburban life
southern life
urban life


Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) explicitly limits the ability of employers to use “medical examinations and inquiries” as a condition of employment and provides for all of the following EXCEPT:Answer

a prohibition against using pre-employment medical tests.
a prohibition against the use of a medical examination after a job offer has been made if the results are kept confidential.
a prohibition against the use of medical tests that lack job-relatedness and business necessity.
a prohibition against the use of tests that screen out (or tend to screen out) people with disabilities.


A mayor serving in a major metropolitan area receives an internal memorandum indicating personnel at many police stations are single-race.  At the time of the report, thirty percent of the police force was black or Hispanic.  She immediately calls a press conference and orders transfer of police officers to achieve racial balance across the city.  The transferred police offers sue on constitutional grounds.  Assuming just these facts, what is the strongest argument that might be advanced by the transferred officers based on constitutional grounds?Answer

Executive action by the mayor is unconstitutional because there was no rational relationship to a valid governmental purpose.
The action is “void for vagueness” since transferred police officers must unnecessarily guess at the underlying public policy of the transfer process.
The mayor’s policy used race as the basis for transfers, and assignments are subject to strict scrutiny.
The transfer can be set aside based on intermediate or heightened level of scrutiny.


Which claims of discrimination remain the most common filed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?Answer

sexual orientation
national origin


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