Film assignment

Length: 1000-1300 words


The Final Assignment should be written from the point of view of convincing the instructor to include a film not currently on the course list as a screening. To do this, students will have to develop an argument and explain the relevance of the film to the course goals and the study of Film History.


The Final Assignment should answer the question “Why include this film in the course?”, or put differently, “How does this film add to our study of Film History?” You willmake this argument by choosing a chapter of the textbook (Dixon and Foster’s A Short History of Film) and then show how the film could be taught alongside it. For example, you might select a film that exemplifies a different film movement that could hypothetically be added to the course, or which would give a different perspective on a movement like Classical Hollywood Cinema. Or perhaps you could use a film to help illustrate Dixon and Foster’s gaps or blind spots.

It would be desirable to single out one or two scenes and explain how they could be used in the classroom for close examination.

No essay that does not develop an argument linking your chosen film to a single chapter of A Short History of Film will pass. You will be evaluated on understanding of the elements of film history we have studied and your ability to usefully connect them with the film you are writing about.

Please follow the style guide and use the essay template. Any material you reference (including A Short History of Film) must be properly cited, including the use of page numbers; failures to cite properly may result in a plagiarism case. If you do other research, it must be of peer-reviewed material published by a reputable academic publisher.

Read the style guide on UMLearn and follow it fully. Download the essay template and use it.

I may be open to considering a version of this assignment in a format other than as an essay, perhaps as a Video Essay that might mix footage from the film with commentary. However, I will need to be convinced that as much work was put in (or more!) than would have been the case with a conventional essay. The requirements as to research and citation will still apply.

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