Exploring Marriages and Families

The papers should be no less than 5-7 pages. The paper should be single-spaced, have one-inch margins, and have page numbers. The font should be Times New Roman 12 pt font. cite in APA format The textbook can be located online, file is too large to upload. Exploring Marriages and Families. Karen Seccombe. third Edition “first: Pick a book surrounding a family” then: Pick a theory from the text that interests you. Make sure you understand the key concepts, some of the propositions that come out of the theory, and how people who use the theory to study real families do so. For example, in the symbolic interaction theory chapter, the authors use “dating aggression” as an empirical application of the theory. paper. a) Describe the family in the book. Who are the members of the family and how are they related to each other? What type of family is it (nuclear, extended, cohabitating, single parent, homosexual, blended, dual worker, etc.)? Why do you characterize this group as a family? Is the plot of the book realistic? How likely is it that a real family would be faced with this problem? If your only impression of families was based on this movie, what would that impression be? In other words, what would you think families are like if the only thing you knew about them was based on this book? b) This could probably be the first few pages. Do not just answer these questions as a short answer essay. Bring the answers together into a coherent thought. c) Give a broad sense of why you’ve chosen the theory and what it has to offer in explaining the family interaction. Then tell me about the theory. Please use the class texts to help you with this. Pretend I don’t know anything about the theory. Make it clear to me that you do. This will give me some way to organize my thinking as I read the paper. This will tell me how I should think about what you’re going to do. This will probably be two pages or so. d) Pick some scenes (2-3) that most clearly reflect the themes, concepts, and propositions of the theory you have chosen. Discuss how the interactions or other aspects of the family relationships do this. support your analysis with specific examples. For example, if you say that both mother and father have equal power in decision-making, give clear and descriptive examples from the book that show this. I imagine a page or two using each scene, you don’t have to stick to this format. e) Finally, surround the paper with an introduction and a conclusion that brings the reader into the paper and then closes the paper.