Excel Assignment

answer the following questions in an excel spreadsheet.

1. Fill in the table below by completing the following calculations (Moles NaOH, Moles HNO3, Molarity HNO3, Avg M and St. dev M) in Excel:

0.025 L HNO3  Vol NaOH (mL) (0.09876 M)Moles NaOHMoles HNO3Molarity HNO3
Trial 123.51   
Trial 222.95   
Trial 322.82   
Trial 423.23   
   Average M 
   St. dev M 

2. Copy the data in the table below in excel and create a scatter plot of absorbance versus concentration. Make sure the plot has the following features:

  • y axis showing absorbance, x axis showing concentration in ppm
  • plot created a separate sheet in the workbook
  • proper title
  • labeled axes
  • sensible scales on the axes
  • no gridline
  • a colorless background to the plot
  • solid green squares as data markers
  • a line of best fit (trendline) which passes through the origin
  • set y intercept to zero
  • the equation of the line and R2 value to the four decimal places 
Concentration (parts per million, ppm)Absorbance

3. Based off your R2 value, make a statement about the quality of data. In other words, how well does your data fit a linear relationship?