English essay

Choose ONE of the following topics:


1. Both Hawthorne and O’Connor share an interest in the nature of sin and redemption. Contrast how O’Connor’s “Revelation” and Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” approach this theme. Focus in particular on the issue of self-righteousness.


2. Show how either Oates’ story OR Neihardt’s story are good examples of either Realism or Naturalism.



3. In both “Revelation” and “Young Goodman Brown” the main characters (Mrs. Turpin and Goodman Brown) come to some sort of “realization.” Some critics argue that they have grown spiritually, as well as emotionally. Others argue that this is not the case, that both are still lost at the end of their stories as to their true personality and Christianity. Take a stand on this issue, and discuss both stories. Are these stories bildungsromans (in other words, do the characters experience personal growth, either spiritually, emotionally, or mentally (or a combination of all three)?

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