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For next week (Wednesday for Section #3 and Thursday for Sections 1&2) submit (using the provided cover sheet) an Excel analysis of the practice quiz that we have been using (in BbLearn). Do as many of the tasks as you can. Explore the capabilities of Excel to sort analyze and display the data.

Basic Excel will help with most of the tasks.

To get some additional help with tasks you should make use of one of the following:

“Analysis Tool Pack”

Under “File” you should select “Options”

Under “Options” you should select “Add-Ins”

Under “Add-Ins” select “Analysis Tool Pack” and select “GO”

Select “Analysis Tool Pack” and then “OK”

You should see “Data Analysis” on the far right.

Select Data Analysis and use and review some of the basic statistical tools there.

Box and Whisker charts are not part of “Analysis Tool Pack” but the basic statistics you need to draw your own are there.

“Histogram” and “Rank and Percentile” should be useful.

Instructions for the use of these tools is built in.

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