Employment relations Issues from Australia

Employment relations issues from Australia. Details of the press file: • The press file must contain 5 news articles relating to relevant employment relations issues from Australian and/or overseas media; • Articles must be current and dated within the semester period (i.e. dated 2022); • Articles must illustrate a broad range of employment relations topics; • The press file must include a copy of each article; • Each article must be briefly summarised and analysed; • The analysis must explain how the article illustrates a concept, theory, or practical compliance that has been covered in the lecture podcasts or text readings; • As part of the analysis, students are expected to research and cite external sources (e.g. journals, books) that support or justify the analysis of the article; • Include a reference list; • All articles must be referenced by publication source, title, date, and author where possible; • A contents page must be included. The contents page is not included in the word count. The total word count for the press file is a maximum of 1,500 words, i.e. an average of 300 words per press article. The press file must be fully referenced, using the Chicago.