efine these four types of memory IN YOUR OWN WORDS: semantic, procedural, episodic, and autobiographical.

Define these four types of memory IN YOUR OWN WORDS: semantic, procedural, episodic, and autobiographical.

Following each definition that you write in your own words, describe a unique situation where you or another person experienced each of them.

Detail how each situation exemplifies the above-listed types of memory. If you cannot think of an example of these four types, then select another type of memory from this chapter to define IN YOUR OWN WORDS and provide an example.

We all remember some events differently from others who shared the event with us. Apply what you have learned in Chapter 6 in an analysis of why your memories have differed from another person’s (or people’s) memory. Usingpsychological memory terms, provide specific examples of memory bias, memory distortion, or another type of memory error to support your response. (HINT: Another person may have committed the memory error instead of you!)

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