Economics Questions

1- What are the tools used by the Federal Reserve to implement monetary policy? Why does the Fed rarely use the discount rate to implement monetary policy?

2- What is the total return of S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 in the past thirty years and fifteen years? Why stock market return tends to be higher? Please share your view in no less than 100 words.

3- Suppose the investor expects the stock market to drop sharply in the next three months, how can the investor use futures contracts or options to hedge the stock portfolio? Describe and explain your strategy in no less than 100 words.

4- What should you investigate before investing in a mutual fund or a hedge fund? Is there any difference between the two. Explain your feedback in no less than 100 words.

5- Among these following topics, Mutual funds, Monetary Policy, Equity Market, Interest rate, and Derivative Market, which one are you most interested in? Please explain why